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Terms of Use

  1. Adding any website into the web directory is free and benefits from direct link advantage (no rel="nofollow"), the one that matter to search engines.
  2. Proposed websites selection is done manually. Only quality websites are accepted for listing, those made for users and not only for search engines.
  3. It takes days or weeks until a website is approved and listed. Do not resubmit the already proposed website. All of them are to be analyzed.
  4. All proposed websites are displayed by categories, depending on the proposed date.
  5. Adding a reciprocal link to QList.ro it is optional, onlz if this is desired by each site in order to highlight the quality partnership with QList.ro web directory.
  6. If you choose to add a reciprocal link to QList.ro, the page where our link appears on your website must be accessible from the rest of the proposed website - one should be able to get to that page containing our link by using the proposed website navigation links.
  7. Please DO NOT suggest websites that fall into the following categories:
    • secondary resources (take content from other sources);
    • under construction sites or pages without content
    • sites in other than Romanian or English language
    • sites that violate Romanian or International law;
    • sites with excessive advertising
    • sites that contain hidden words or any form of spam, cloaking, etc.
    • sites that open pop-ups or pop-unders
    • sites that require voting in various charts or sites using hidden or masked voting methods
  8. DO NOT unduly use CAPITAL LETTERS.
  9. Failure to follow these instructions may result in rejection or suspension without notice of the submitted site

Thank you. :-)

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