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About QList.ro

What is QList.ro

QList.ro is a free web directory, with direct links to each of the listed websites, that accepts websites both in Romanian and English languages.

What is the purpose of QList.ro?

QList.ro directory aims to gather only quality web links and to promote them in an efficient manner, allowing users to comment on the content of these websites.

What can you do?

Add websites in the directory. Learn everyday how to improve your websites, how to make them functional and attractive. Add constantly valuable content for your users. Find and keep your focus, establish a position to hold in your potential customers' mind. Communicate with them, find out what interests them. Then go back and improve your website again.

What are the means of QList.ro?

Are you interested in having ads on QList.ro? Please go to our suggestions page: suggestions contact and choose "Advertising" category, leaving also the contact email. Or you can write us an email at: email qlist.ro .

Where is QList.ro hosted?

QList.ro is hosted in Romania. If you find that sometimes pages loading is more difficult than usual, please let us know: suggestions contact


Thanks to all of you who help us daily with valuable feedback. Our site will continue to grow and develop thanks to you, of your proposed sites and of your opinions that you constantly send. We try to keep in mind 100% of your opinions :-)

Team QList.ro

email / contact: email qlist.ro

  • [+] QList.ro: free Romanian web directory that accepts quality websites, made for users and not for the search engines.
  • [+] Added websites manually reviewed by a human operator, to ensure the quality of the added links.
  • [+] All the accepted websites are getting direct links (without rel = nofollow) from our web directory, the one matter to search engines.
  • [+] Reciprocal link not required, only if desired by each website, to highlight the quality partnership with QList.ro web directory.